Glide Tackle

The Glide's production is based on world of surfing materials, from the same shaping room of Glide Surfboards, the experience accumulated during years of research and hundreds of surfboards produced is transferred to realize lures and fishing accessories.

The challenge is not limited just to define shapes but also to study the procedure for application of composite materials, in order to exploit their best features.

Everything is tested wide range of conditions, and in various locations around the world by professionals and experienced enthusiasts, ensuring that every feature responds to long-lasting performance idea of these projects.

As for surfboards, Glide is a custom workshop, everything is customizable on request, as everything is handcrafted, even if with the most modern techniques and materials.


All models are made of composite material, as a surfboard, with a lightweight core material, and an outer reinforced with matrix resin and fibers (glass carbon kevlar titanium hybrid).

The lamination of reinforcement provides unrivaled resistance, the interior materials give incredible buoyancy, and a reactive lifelike action to the lures.


Accessories such as our fighting belt, exploit Glide Surf boards production technologies and the entire experience of years of exploration around the globe, are specially designed for new way of fishing, unthinkable until few years ago. No matter from which boat, land or reef you will be fishing, you will always get the maximum performance from your equipment to achieve incredible results.

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